Friday, January 9, 2015

Own Up! 4 Things You Should Own if Losing Weight is Your Resolution in 2015

Time is already flying... A new calendar year has begun, but have YOU started working on that New Year resolution just yet?!

If you haven't quite mustered up the courage (or the motivation) to get going just yet, don't worry--our Body SymmetryMD wellness squad is here to give you a little push!

For starters, here are 4 things we think you should definitely own if losing weight is your resolution in 2015:

1. Wheat Belly.
Hoping to lose weight, have more energy and just feel better overall? Then this book could help you get on that path. Order a copy of this best-selling diet book (or download it to your tablet) to see why one cardiologist swears that changing what you put in your belly can drastically change your body composition as well as your health!

2. An activity/sleep monitor band for your wrist.
If you're among the rush of Americans who just started back at the gym this month, here's one great tool that will help you a ton. Gadgets like the FitBit (or Xtreme's Xfit Band) can help you track your fitness around the clock, as well as monitor your sleep habits and count your daily steps just like a pedometer. Who would have guessed that just one small piece of technology like this could be so instrumental in helping you achieve your wellness goals in 2015?!

3. A calorie-counting app on your smart phone.
Ever heard one of your friends say, "There's an app for that..." Well guess what: He or she is right, especially when it comes to calorie-counters for your iPhone or Android device! Some of these apps are free, while others only cost a mere couple of bucks... but they are well worth the nutritional information and accountability they provide when it comes to whittling that waistline of yours. Not sure which app is best for your particular goals? Click here to read about the best weight loss apps of the year and then get to downloading already!

4. A package of body sculpting sessions from Body SymmetryMD.
We all have that huge urge to watch the numbers on the scale go down when we're on a mission to lose weight, but many of us also want to see other kinds of results--such as tighter skin and/or a reduced appearance of cellulite. Good news: It's possible to achieve that as well, thanks to the ultrasound cavitation technology available at wellness clinics like Body SymmetryMD. Want to read about how it works? Click here.

At Body SymmetryMD we provide a multitude of weight management products & services to help you get rid of that holiday weight gain, from physician-supervised hCG programs to prescription appetite suppressants to body sculpting solutions.

To find out more CLICK HERE to visit our web site or book your consultation now. 

Here's to tackling your resolution to lose weight in 2015 with a vengeance!
--Your Body SymmetryMD Wellness Squad


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