Friday, March 11, 2016

High 5 for Low T: 5 Real Benefits of Testosterone Therapy from Body SymmetryMD

Many of us like to make jokes about testosterone or what's now commonly known as Low T ... but having a testosterone deficiency is actually no laughing matter. 

In fact, recent research suggests men WITHOUT enough of the hormone face a higher risk of several serious illnesses. 

Bio-identical testosterone therapy (or BHRT ), however, can help prevent some of those ailments from plaguing your health AND offer several other benefits as well.

Here are just 5 real benefits of BHRT that both men and women can experience:

1. Improved Sexual Function
Trials conducted on just male subjects have shown an improvement in sexual performance among patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction stemming from low levels of testosterone (but not in the presence of neurological or vascular problems). This means simply raising your testosterone levels can rejuvenate your love life in the bedroom... and the same result can apply for women as well!

2. Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Lower than normal levels of testosterone in men and women can cause a decrease in muscle mass, along with a corresponding increase in body fat as our metabolism slows down with age (especially after the age of 35). BHRT can provide a significant improvement in lean mass and a reduction of body fat, thereby reducing the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease.

3. Prevention of Osteoporosis
After the age of 35 testosterone levels in both men and women diminish... and when those numbers drop our bone mineral density also decreases (which can lead to osteoporosis). Recent research provides evidence that shows BHRT can aid in the improvement of mineral bone density (additional testing to further confirm this finding is still being conducted).

4. Increased Energy Levels
BHRT can not only contribute to an increase in lean body mass and more efficient muscle development, it can also translate into a dramatic boost in energy levels. More energy, in turn, can make for more intense levels of physical activity, which could never be considered a bad thing, right?!

5. Improved Memory
Did you know testosterone plays a huge role in our cognitive ability? Some studies have shown BHRT can actually alleviate "brain fog," enhance cognition and even strengthen our skills for retaining or recalling information... Now that's definitely a benefit that won't be forgotten!

Think YOU may have Low T (or somewhat of a hormone imbalance) and want to see if you're qualified to experience the benefits of testosterone therapy yourself? Contact us TODAY for more information or CLICK HERE to visit our web site NOW.

Here's to high 5 for balanced hormones and restored youth!
--Your Body SymmetryMD Wellness Experts

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