Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gettin' TIPS-y: Body SymmetryMD 's 5 Tummy Trimming Tips for Weight Loss Success

It's a familiar story: You pledge to engage a daily cardio routine on the elliptical machine at your local gym and swear you'll count every single calorie that finds its way to your lips. 

But soon... you're eating cupcakes in the office break room and grabbing mojitos at Happy Hour afterward thinking, "Oops, I'm off my diet. For sure tomorrow."

We've been through this same vicious cycle, so we can relate. That's why we at Body SymmetryMD want to share with you 5 easy tips that can help you trim down that tummy (without even trying). Think you're up for it?! Give these simple strategies a shot:

1. Start each meal with a glass of water.
You'll stay hydrated and feel fuller, which can stop you from overeating. 

2. Practice portion control.
If you really want to lose weight, you have to control your portions.
Try measuring out your snacks beforehand as well as eating your meals off of smaller plates.

3. Make simple swaps.
Opting for a light vinaigrette instead of a heavy, cream-based dressing can save you about 80 calories. Also, try switching out those potato chips for some fresh fruit or veggies. This will additionally save you a lot of fat and calories! 

4. Don't drink your calories. 
Empty calories from your morning OJ, vending machine sodas and nightcap(s) of wine can really add up... and cause you to gain weight. Instead, reach for some antixidant-rich green tea or some zero-calorie naturally flavored water instead!

5. Don't starve yourself.
Going hungry for too long can eventually cause you to consume even more calories and even contribute to those bad food choices. The solution? Snack on high protein and high fiber foods throughout the day... to keep yourself feeling full and your metabolism continually burning! 

Sure... Losing weight takes a lot of discipline, but even if you're not powering through an interval workout on the treadmill or counting every single calorie, there several simple ways to watch that number you currently on the scale actually diminish. 

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Here's to trimming down that tummy in a practically effortless way!
--Your Body SymmetryMD Wellness Squad

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